Campus Involvement

Since our founding, our women have made a significant impact on the University community. Our women are involved in many activities, including:

Vandal Spirit Squad

We have multiple members who are a part of the Vandal spirit squad and the Vandal Gems. Out sister Bella is not only an officer and an active member, you can also find her on the football field during every home football game in the fall, on the court at basketball games in the spring, and at all campus events with the spirit squad! 

University of Idaho Volleyball Club

We have multiple members who play on the University of Idaho club volleyball team. This past year our chapter president was also the president of the volleyball club. The team practices two nights a week year round and has tournaments most weekend during spring semester. Our sisters are able to participate in these clubs with nothing but support from the chapter and its members.

Tri Deltas at the University of Idaho are also involved in a multitude of various other clubs and programs. Aside from the highlighted sisters, we have sisters in dance programs, research labs, intermurals, honors programs, clubs and more! We pride ourselves in our involvement on campus as individuals and as a chapter, and we ensure to support our members in all of their endeavors and encourage them to be a part of something outside of the chapter to ensure they make the most out of their college experience.