Campus Involvement

Since our founding, our women have made a significant impact on the University community. Our women are involved in many activities, including:

Vandal Gems

Katherine Raphael

"This will be my first year as a Vandal Gem and I couldn't be more excited! I grew up dancing and realized how much I missed it in college so I decided to audition for the team. I can't wait to dance on the sidelines and at halftimes at football and basketball games. Being a part of an organization or club on campus is a great way to develop connections outside of Greek Life and meet new people! I have a passion for dance and Vandal pride that I can't wait to share with the community!"

Vandal Marching Band

Elly Yenne

"I chose to be in the Vandal Marching Band because I love music and I wanted to be able to translate my passion for music to other people on a greater scale than I am able to individually. Playing the tuba in the Marching band is an especially unique experience but one that has given me provides me with laughs, great friends, and plenty of memorable experiences. My favorite part of being in the Vandal Marching Band is getting to perform for Homecoming. It is so special to play the fight song, Here we Have Idaho, and other favorites to an audience who these songs mean so much to. "


Dawn Amos

"I have been involved in psychology research for over three years. I was lucky enough to be introduced to psychology research by a fellow Tri Delta. During my first semester at UI, a senior sister organized an interview with a research professor for me. The rest is history. As a researcher, I spend a majority of my time developing, executing, and presenting projects that investigate physiological stress reactivity and the characteristics which may predict certain stress responses. I do this in hopes of someday developing better treatments for anxiety and stress related disorders. 
I am currently in my second year as an intern for the National Institutes of Health's Idaho IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE). Recently, my research professor and I decided to put stress research on hold in order to focus our efforts on studying the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, my INBRE project this summer is investigating the psychological effects of COVID-19 and predictors of compliance to COVID-19 health regulations."


Tri Deltas at the University of Idaho are also involved in a multitude of various other clubs and programs. Aside from the highlighted sisters, we have sisters in dance programs, research labs, intermurals, honors programs, Younglife, and many more!