Why Tri Delta?

Founded by women, for women, Tri Delta is proud to have more than 18,000 members in more than 140 chapters on college campuses across the U.S. and Canada, and more than 220,000 alumnae members in chapters around the world. Tri Delta is boldly leading the way—and often setting the standard—on important issues such as: body image, mental health, inclusion, collegiate housing, leadership development and governance.


Whether serving as officers or participating in a chapter’s educational programming, our members are offered the support and opportunity to grow as leaders. Throughout the collegiate experience, Tri Delta’s members will attain core competencies and skill development in areas that empower them during their collegiate years and lifetime membership in Tri Delta.


Tri Delta understands that its members are college women first, and part of Tri Delta’s Purpose is to broaden the moral and intellectual lives of members. Whether by providing scholarship funds through Tri Delta’s Foundation to assist with educational costs, or by promoting academic success through innovative chapter programming, Tri Delta offers encouragement and support to collegiate members as they pursue academic achievement.


Tri Delta is committed to changing the way the world treats and defeats childhood cancer – locally through raising funds and support to children’s cancer charities and hospitals, and at the national level through our partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Tri Delta has raised more than $75 million for St. Jude since 1999, and as a result of our latest pledge, St. Jude to named its short-term housing facility on the St. Jude campus Tri Delta Place. Our collegiate chapters are on the front lines of raising funds and awareness for St. Jude on their campuses and in their communities.

Member Development

As part of the collegiate chapter experience, a member will participate in current, relevant and Tri Delta related educational programming that will inspire them to live, learn and lead – with Purpose. Over the course of the collegiate experience, a Tri Delta enjoys a host of opportunities for personal growth as a student, woman and leader. Throughout the collegiate experience, members will attain core competencies and skill development in each of these areas.

Signature Programs

Helping our sisters become the best versions of themselves starts at the beginning—with New Member Education—and continues through a lifetime. We offer all members opportunities for personal growth, leadership and professional development through our signature programs.

Joining Tri Delta – Bring You!

Tri Delta is a founding member of the National Panhellenic Conference, an umbrella organization for 26 member groups. Women are encouraged to participate in the recruitment processes as determined by our host institutions. Watch this short video to learn more about Tri Delta.

Are you a potential new member? Tell us about yourself. What are you passionate about? What makes you, you? We invite you to complete this form so we can learn a little more about you!


Why Our Members Chose Tri Delta

Skylar Raymond

"I went Tri Delta because I wanted to find lifelong friends in college and have a home away from home. I stayed because not only have I made some of my best friends, but I am surrounded with women who inspire me and support me every single day. The moment I walked into the Tri Delta house, I was instantly greeted with smiles and since joining the house, I get that same warm greeting every time I come home."

Ainslee Evans

"I joined Tri-Delta last fall through formal recruitment and I joined because it was the first house I felt fully comfortable letting my guard down and being my true self. Every chapter was great, but on the third day when I walked out of Tri Delta, I just knew that it was going to be my home. The girls were so raw and real, they made me feel like I had known them forever and on bid day it still felt the same. Going Tri Delta has been the best part about college and all of my sisters support me inside and outside of school. Tri-delta became my home the first time I stepped in it and it will stay my home even after I graduate. It truly has brought me my best friends, my best memories, and my favorite people!"

Taylor Hahn

“I went Tridelta because it was the place during recruitment where I had the most laughs and felt so accepted. Moving away from home and my family, my biggest worry was that there weren’t going to be people like me and those who challenge me. I couldn’t be more wrong. Tridelta is my home away from home, and is filled with the people I want to come home and see every day! My sisters are my best friends and are so supportive in all my endeavors, even pushing me to be more than I ever thought I could be."

Nicole Stampke

"I went Tri Delta because of the women in the sisterhood who always make me feel loved and valued. The empowering women I am constantly surrounded by and their dedication to reach their goals have caused me to work harder and strive to be a better person. These women inspired me from the first day of recruitment and have continued to do so in the years I have been in the house. College is a difficult time, and these women have always been there to help me through everything. Whether it’s a rough day, losing a family member, or helping on a project, there is always a sister who has helped me through my college journey. Tri Delta has given me my best friends and women that I will always be able to count on. Without Tri Delta, I don’t believe I would be the woman I am today, and I will be forever grateful to every woman in this house. DLAM!"

Saloni Khetan

"As an International student, I never really thought or knew anything about Greek until I started the college. However, I went greek because I wanted to be part of a home and a family. I wanted to meet people who are different in their own way but also share same kindness and willingness to help others. I stayed because Tri Delta has helped me grow in different aspects of my personal and professional life and surrounded me by people I love and look upto."